Lovecraft Country Episode 2: The illusion of safety

Quick recap


In this week’s episode, ‘Whiteys on the Moon’, Letitia and George seem to be enjoying their stay at the lodge in Ardham, Massachusetts, while Atticus is suspicious of their mysterious of hosts and William. Over lunch Atticus realizes that he’s the only one who remembers their ordeal last night. They visit the nearby village and follow the sound of the mysterious whistle to a stone building, where they suspect Montrose is being kept. Night has fallen on their trek through the woods back to Ardham lodge. George has a revelation about Atticus’s birthright, remembering a story that Tic’s mother, Dorothy, once told him. Suddenly, the trio once again finds themselves face to face with the terrifying shoggoths. They are immediately rescued when Christina Braithwhite and the rude dog handler from the village appear, blowing the whistle. Leti and George forget the incident instantly.

Earlier that day, William, gave the trio a brief history of the house and its original owner, Titus Braithwhite, including the fire that destroyed the original house that one person, Tic’s ancestor, managed to escape. Christina takes Tic to her father Samuel’s lab, where he is undergoing a surgery and is informed about his plan. Later he learns why Leti and George can’t remember the shoggoths and makes a deal with Christina to return their memories. Before his memory is returned George finds a secret entrance to a hidden library where he finds a book of bylaws for The Order of the Ancient Dawn.


Locked in their rooms the trio each experience an illusion, seemingly harmless, then turning into something dangerous. They all emerge very shaken, then George and Atticus go to join the Sons of Adam at a cannibalistic dinner party. Using knowledge from the book of bylaws, George reveals that Tic is the last blood relative of Titus, making him a defacto, high ranking member. The trio returns to the stone building in the village to save Montrose, who has already tunneled his way to freedom, Shawshank style. They meet up outside and attempt to escape, but are stopped by yet another invisible barrier, this one on the bridge. Samuel shoots and kills Leti then shoots George. He uses them as leverage to force Tic into participating in the ceremony.

Christina gives him a gold ring and explains that her father wants to open a door to the garden of eden in an attempt at becoming immortal. They believe Tic’s blood, the blood of Titus, will give the spell a boost. Tic stands between two electric generators in front of a wooden arch. When the electricity hits him, a glowing golden vapor starts to radiate from his body, though this causes him pain, the spell appears to be working. At the same time, black vapor comes out of the ring and envelops him, ruining the spell and turning the Sons of Adam to dust as the house starts to crumble. Tic sees a vision of Hanna through the arch and follows her out as she runs through flames. He makes it out as did Leti, who was healed before the ceremony, Montrose and George, who unfortunately died of his wounds.



After a brief history lesson from William, the blond haired, blue eyed “friend” of Christina, and George’s revelation in the woods, we now know the origins of Atticus’ birthright first mentioned in episode one. His great ancestor Hanna was a slave, and Titus was her slave master, presumably he got her pregnant. For now we can only speculate as to whether or not their relationship was consensual or not. Also, if Titus was having sex with one slave, who’s to say he wasn’t having sex with another? It’s entirely possible that he has other descendants out there, the big question is if we’ll meet them.

The horrifying shoggoths made another appearance in this weeks episode, attacking our trio in the woods. Theses creatures are trained to attack unwanted visitors and are apparently some sort of mutated cow. Although Christina isn’t allowed to join The Sons of Adam or the Secret Order of the Dawn because of her “inferior” sex, she still seems to be a powerful sorceress. She was able to cast and remove a memory spell with very little effort. She even seemed to sabotage her father’s spell without even being in the room. The question is: why? Is she really just salty about being excluded, does she just hate her father, is it world domination? George learns of the founding of the Ardham lodge and the Sons of Adam and their ultimate goal: immortality. This was definitely a setup. There’s no way that Christina didn’t know about the secret passage in his room, and the fact that the very book with the answers they need was just sitting out, waiting to be found.


Our trio is forced to face their demons and we get some valuable incite about their past. George sees Dorothy, Tic’s mother, and she mentions his children, though up to now we’ve only met Dee. A heart to heart between the Freeman brothers reveals that Tic may also be his son. Atticus is attacked by a Korean woman named Ji-ah, a soldier, who bears a resemblance to the red woman from his dream in the last episode. He kills her before the illusion disappears, but we can only assume that she’s the person he called last episode. It’s clear they have some history, and that she may have a reason for wanting to kill him. Letitia’s illusion is probably the most disturbing, while it’s clear she has feelings for Tic, she definitely wasn’t ready to take it to the next level with him. The fake Tic gets all date rapey and we can only be thankful that we know the real Tic is busy fighting for his life. Leti tries to stop him, but he unzips his pants to reveal, a snake. Everyone survives their ordeal, but they all seem shaken.

Our trio goes to rescue Montrose, who obviously didn’t need or want their help. He reveals that he didn’t think his son would even show up. He seems to know more than he lets on, and is very against his son’s (nephew’s?) presence there. After the failed escape attempt, the brothers discuss Montrose’s tumultuous relationship with his own father. He was beaten for greeting negro league players with colorful signs. Leti is clearly shaken by her death and subsequent resurrection. What did she see on the other side?

Hanna’s ghost led Tic to safety, and provided us with a clue. As she ran through the flames, she carried a large book with her. More than likely, this is the lost Book of Names, a book of life and the key to learning the language of Adam. Now we know who took it, we just need to figure out where she hid it.

Check out the trailer for episode 3 below.

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