Lovecraft Country Episode 10:

Quick Recap

The group arrives back at Hippolyta’s house and immediately begins preparations to do a spell to save Dee. Tic unbinds the Book of Names then he and Leti faint, their consciousnesses plunged into a spirit realm. Tic comes face to face with Hannah and she tells him her story and outlines a plan to defeat Christina. Afterward, he meets his mother and she convinces him to go through with the plan. Meanwhile, Leti meets with Nana Hattie, Tic’s great-grandmother. Hattie tells Leti the plan and teachers her the necessary spells. Leti is now the book’s caretaker. The five of them perform the spell to save Dee.

With Dee now saved the group begins working on Hannah’s spell. First, Tic and Leti, with help from the ancestors, summon Titus Braithwaite’s spirit and take a chunk of his flesh. Then, Tic apologizes to Ji-ah and enlists her help. Leti meets with a reluctant Ruby to ask her to get a piece of Christina’s body. Dee, whose arm remained shrunken and withered, is still so angry about being abandoned. Hippolyta uses what she learned on Earth 504 to help her. Christina knows they have the Book of Names now.

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The group sets out for Ardham, Ruby joins them and gives them a vial of Christina’s blood. They get there and split up to set up their counterspell. Leti realizes that Christina is disguised as her sister and they fight. Leti loses, she’s thrown from a window. Montrose, Hippolyta, and Ji-ah are attacked by the villagers. Dee is attacked by Shoggoths. At the alter Christina tells Tic that she already knew about their plan. She performs the spell and the group watches helplessly.

Leti arrives and she begins the counterspell, with help from Ji-ah’s kumiho tails, they succeed in stopping Christina. Tic is dead and the grieving group takes him back to the car. Christina lays dying, bound from magic and unable to heal herself. Dee and Tic’s shoggoth arrive at the alter. She reveals her new robotic arm and uses it to crush Christina’s throat.

My two cents

Photo: HBO

The season finale was incredible, bittersweet, and exciting. Hannah finally got to have her say after decades of silence. She revealed that she only dabbled in magic briefly, once to protect her family and again to seal the book. It’s the reason why Montrose was kidnapped and used as bait to lure Tic to Ardham in the first episode.

Hippolyta proves once again that she’s the smartest woman on earth. I wish we could’ve seen all the gadgets in her workshop, it sounded like something out of Meet the Robinsons. She used all her newly acquired skills to make Dee the first fully functional prosthetic arm. Dee is the mysterious woman with a robotic arm. A few episodes back Tic reveals that a woman with a robotic arm gave him the book written by his son before pushing him back through the portal. Dee reads the book while she waits for the others to defeat Christina. She must have figured out when and where Tic would show up.

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Christina proves herself to be just as deranged and evil as we thought, no surprise there. First, she shows up trying to explain her reason for wanting Tic dead. As if needing his blood for a spell is reasonable. Then, she kills and impersonates Ruby. The woman she supposedly loves. We all knew the only thing she ever loved was power. Ruby’s death is tragic. She was a fierce, intelligent woman who only wanted to be seen. It warms my heart to know that ultimately, Ruby chose family over her insane lover.

Ji-ah’s vision proves correct. Tic sacrificed his own life to bind Christina and all white people from using magic. It was Hannah’s idea to use the energy from Christina’s spell to do their own. It’s why Ruby was killed and why Titus was summoned. They needed to link Tic and Christina’s bodies so they could counteract her spell and do their own. Unfortunately things look dire when Christina figures out their plan and gives them something else instead of her blood. Ji-ah steps in and connects the two, enabling Leti’s spell to work.

Photo: HBO

I still have so many questions! Is Dee evil now? She killed Christina without batting an eye, that’s not normal thirteen-year-old girl behavior. Also, does Hippolyta ever go back to earth 504? Her adventures alone could be a great show. Will the rest of the Order of the Ancient Dawn / The Sons of Adam come after them? Once they realize that they’ve been bound from magic they’ll go searching for the person responsible. How’s Leti doing? She lost her sister and the love of her life on the same day, killed by the same person. Now she has to go through a pregnancy all on her own. I’m curious to see how this affects her.

Unfortunately, I’ll have a long wait ahead of me. There’s no word yet on a second season and the book the show is based on never had a part two. All I can do is hope and enjoy rewatching the first season of this amazing show.

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