Red Island House Review Andrea Lee’s Red Island House makes for an interesting beach read. Told over several decades, Shay’s many adventures and experiences on the fictional island of Naratrany, Madagascar are recounted in a series of short stories almost like journal entries. So, I didn’t love this book, but I didn’t hate it either. The structure of the book made it feel like I was continually ready … Continue reading Red Island House Review

The Vanishing Half Review

Photo: Brit Bennett weaves an intricate tale of sisterhood, family and finding one’s identity in this decades spanning novel. Told first from the perspectives of the Vignes twins, Desiree and Stella; then from the perspectives of their daughters, Jude and Kennedy, the story gives readers an intimate look at four women trying to find their place in society and maybe a little happiness along … Continue reading The Vanishing Half Review

Lovecraft Country Episode 7: Soul Searching

Quick Recap This week’s episode picks up where episode 5 left off. Hippolyta and Dee travel to the ruins of the mansion. She finds proof that George was there, confirming her doubts about his death. Later, Hippolyta finally gets the orrery working and she discovers a secret compartment. It contains a key and a set of coordinates. She follows them to an old observatory. She … Continue reading Lovecraft Country Episode 7: Soul Searching