Lovecraft Country Episode 10:

Quick Recap The group arrives back at Hippolyta’s house and immediately begins preparations to do a spell to save Dee. Tic unbinds the Book of Names then he and Leti faint, their consciousnesses plunged into a spirit realm. Tic comes face to face with Hannah and she tells him her story and outlines a plan to defeat Christina. Afterward, he meets his mother and she … Continue reading Lovecraft Country Episode 10:

Lovecraft Country Episode 9

Quick Recap Everyone is in a panic over Dee’s condition. She’s unconscious, feverish, and her left arm is deteriorated, whithering away. Ruby gets Christina to help, revealing their secret relationship. Christina comes but the news isn’t great. Without Lancaster’s blood or the Book of Names, she can’t cure Dee. She offers to reverse the curse’s progress, buying Dee time. Luckily, Hippolyta arrives just in time. … Continue reading Lovecraft Country Episode 9