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  • Ignored by History: Black Cowboys Finally Get Their Due in The Harder They Fall
    The film The star-studded cast of Netflix’s The Harder They Fall bring long forgotten black cowboys to life. This melanated escapist tale features characters based on actual black cowboys and outlaws from the old west. Although the people were real, the events are entirely the creation of Jeymes Samuel, the writer and director of this indulgent western flick. It’s unlikely that any of these people …
  • Why Do Black Vampires Suck?
    A critical look at characters like Blade, Akasha, and Max, all vampires, all black, and all marginalized, even in their own narratives.
  • Iron Widow review
    Summary Wu Zetian decides to join the army as a concubine pilot, the female partner of a Chrysalis pilot, so she can avenge her sister’s murder. She knows this means certain death for her and her entire family, but Zetian’s one regret is that she has to leave Yizhi behind, her only friend. She manages to kill the man responsible, Yang Guang, on her very …