Lovecraft Country Episode 5: Out of body

Quick recap

Ruby gets recruited to the dark side. After her night with William, Ruby awakes in a strange bed and finds herself inhabiting an even stranger body. A look in the mirror confirms what she already knows, she’s somehow in the body of a white woman, a woman we all know as Dell.

She runs home to the southside, ranting like a mad woman. The cops arrive and escort her home. She makes the painful and bloody transformation back into herself. William offers her another dose. She goes exploring town in Dell’s body, enjoying some good old fashioned white privilege.

Tic and Leti discover that Yahima is gone, Tic realizes the truth and beats up his dad. He continues his raging fit while searching for photos of the pages, scaring Leti.

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Ruby finally lands her dream job at Marshall Field, as a white woman. She revels in her power and picks on Tamera, the black woman who works there. Her boss hits on her every chance he gets. Eventually, William calls in his favor. He wants her to pose as a maid at a lodge party, so she can plant an object in the police chief’s office. She meets Christina.

Leti brings Tic the photos and he reveals that Montrose killed Yahima. Together they work on deciphering the pages, managing to translate 17 letters of the alphabet. He dreams of his ancestor and the house fire.

Montrose goes to Sammy’s house for comfort after his fight with Tic. He sits in silence as Sammy and his friends get ready for a party. Once there, he finally lets loose. Enjoying himself and embracing who he is for the first time.

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Ruby witnesses her boss assaulting Tamera at a bar. The next day she goes to him and quits, stating that she’s just too attracted to him. She tricks him into getting naked and she gets her revenge by assaulting him with a stiletto. Later, she confronts William about Christina. Then, William transforms into Christina.

Later, Tic decodes a word, “Die”, and makes another call to a woman in Korea. He asks how she knew and he asks what she is, she doesn’t answer either question.

My two cents

Metamorphosis is a common theme in this episode.

Ruby and Christina literally transform into completely different people throughout the episode. Through the transformations, they can be who they want to be and they are both afforded the privilege of moving through spaces that they normally wouldn’t be able to occupy. Show of hands, who knew Christina was a proud member of the LGTBQIA+ community?

Christina, at first glance, is a typical white feminist. She wants all the privileges and opportunities afforded to men. In an earlier episode, she told Leti that not everything is always about men. Ruby has other aims. She simply wants to be treated like a person, not a second-class citizen. Although Christina does seem to care about all women being equal to men, helping Leti and Ruby gain some independence, she ultimately has her own nefarious ends in mind.

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Montrose has always been a complicated man. He loves his son so much that he’s willing to kill for him, RIP Yahima. He also rarely has a kind word for Tic. Throughout the series we’ve learned that Montrose might not even be Tic’s father, but he refuses to believe otherwise. There have been little hints and clues that he may be gay and in this episode it’s finally confirmed.

After, getting beat up by Tic, he goes to his lover Sammy’s place and they take their relationship to the next level. It’s cathartic for Montrose. Later at the party, he finally seems to embrace the part of himself that he’s always been forced to hide. Being gay in the 1960s couldn’t have been safe, even less so for black men who were never safe to begin with. I’m happy for Montrose. It seems like the world, his father especially, hasn’t been kind to him. He deserves his little bit of happiness. But, I still question his homicidal tendencies. He could’ve just sent her away.

Image credit: HBO

Leti and Tic experience their own sort of transformation. It’s been five long episodes but they finally made it official. Leti’s attraction for Tic was evident the first time she saw him at the block party. Her feelings were confirmed in the second episode too when she started getting frisky with a Tic illusion. Tic’s feelings weren’t entirely clear until the third episode when he jealously watched Leti dance with another man at her party. Sure they had sex right after, but neither of them allowed themselves to really embrace the other until now. They had an honest conversation about their intentions and let the other in. Three cheers for communication.

All of our favs, and those we love to hate, are coming into their own. By the end of the episode Ruby has realized that she’s already strong, intelligent and more than good enough. Tic and Leti have decided to let love in despite their misgivings. They’ve also gotten one step closer to learning how to protect themselves from Christina and other Sons of Adam. Montrose has slain his biggest demon and fully accepted his sexuality. However, he still has work to do, murdering innocents isn’t cool man.

As always, this week’s episode gave us some answers but left us with new questions. What did Christina make Ruby hide? What the heck is in the basement? Who exactly is Tic calling in Korea? And will they be able to decipher the language of Adam in time to stop Christina? Hopefully, we’ll get answers to at least one of these questions next week.

Check out the trailer for next week’s episode below.

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